Athletic Performance Enhancement

For professional athletes and all active people…

Treatments may be done once for a current issue or can be done in a series of sessions to resolve chronic conditions. Results are achieved quickly, with comfort for the client and ease for the practitioner. Sessions can be from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours, depending on whether the modality is integrated into another therapy or done independently.

Maintenance sessions are a great addition of any training program, with fascial release and reduction of chronic pain and restriction from old injuries allowing the body to operate at its peak level in physical activities. Facilitation of drainage of trapped debris from past events improves tissue resilience, with beneficial effects on event performance and recovery.

Several international sports trainers, international champion athletes and even professional sports teams have discovered this valuable secret for success “on the field”!

  • Deep tissue therapy - joint mobilization and deep tissue techniques.
  • Support of medical procedures and surgery for orthopedic and sports issues.
  • Increased performance and stamina.

We offer Certification Workshops in the US and international locations.

Please seek a Certified MediCupping™ Practitioner to experience safe and effective services.

The MC-600 VacuTherapies™ machine can also be fitted with our manual polycarbonate cups for sports therapists who may not want to work with glass cups.


“As a world class professional Mountain Biker and top-ranked American in the World Cup Series, I need to maintain optimal health in order for me to claim my spot on the US Women’s Olympic Mountain Biking Team.

Due to my rigorous daily training and extensive racing and travel schedule, I need effective bodywork treatments that keep me at peak performance levels. My legs and lower back were constantly sore and I needed a better range of motion. I was introduced to a Medical Massage Therapist named Mike Krizek, and he performed several MediCupping™ sessions on my legs and lower back.

The effects of these treatments were so dramatic that I was amazed at how good I felt right after my series of treatments. After my next race I immediately noticed that I was not in pain and that my performance had greatly improved. I continue with regular treatments and would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to experience specialized bodywork treatments that will give you results.”

- Willow Koerber


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