About Us

At MediCupping™, we provide unique equipment that promotes health and wellness for everyone.

We provide thorough training through MediCupping™ certification workshops, DVDs and reference material.

  • We have a strong foundation of knowledge in body therapies and business.
  • We have a large network of professionals to support our practitioners.
  • We provide ongoing counsel for practitioners.
  • We provide reference and marketing materials.

Our Business

TheraCupping, LLC was formed to incorporate different levels of VacuTherapies™.

ACE MassageCupping™ - developed uniquely for massage/ bodywork professionals to address deep "tissue issues" and conditions that are within massage license guidelines.
Please visit http://www.massagecupping.com for more information.

TheraCupping™ - education and equipment for personal use that is effective, affordable and safe.
Please visit http://www.theracupping.com for further information on this exciting new home health and beauty trend!

MediCupping™ - equipment and techniques that relate to medical massage, medical spas and medical offices. Certified practitioners can work with the medical community to support recovery from illness, injury or surgery.


We offer Certification Workshops in the US and international locations.

Please seek a Certified MediCupping™ Practitioner to experience safe and effective services.


MC-600 MediCupping™ Machine
is an affordable and portable machine that is the ultimate for therapists trained in vacuum therapies! This unit eliminates the hand pumping of manual equipment and performs static suction as well as six different pumping modes. Other features include a wide variety of sturdy glass cups for face and body, six extra large contoured plastic cups for specialty work, unique cups with metal roller balls for body contouring, two single hoses and one bifurcated hose for using two cups together.


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